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Design, Analysis, Build and Repeat

Team GreenTorq got into SAE REEV for the First Edition in 2018, Where we participated in design rounds and now in the Second Edition 2021-22. A fully fledged Team of 25 Student across the Departments of MCE  are Enthusiastically Designing, Learning and getting Industrial Exposure towards Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

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We work on the overall design, This increases the practical and application-oriented approach towards real engineering. The team mainly works on the overall design procedure of roll cage and packaging using the software Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk Inventor. 

Vehicle Dynamics

Design of Vehicle Suspension, Steering, and Brak's for an Optimum Ride Comfort Performance, and Wheel Traction using Lotus Shark. Design of Knuckle, Determining Suspension Hard Points 

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Controller and Networking

Control System Modeling for Vehicle Control Unit and Logic Design. Simulation of Networking of Different Component Controllers with MatLab + Simulink 

FEA and Crash

Static and dynamic analysis of roll cage, knuckle, and suspension wishbones and packaging of components of the car.  Finite Element Analysis (Static and Dynamic) using software Altair Hypermesh and ANSYS, Solid Works Simulation

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Electrical Design

EV Traction Motor, Circuit Design for Tractive System, Low Voltage Circuit for Instruments and Accessories, Mathematical Modeling of Motor with specifics like Torq, Voltage, Current and Speed

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Data Present in the Reports are owned by Green Torq MCE and are Subjected to Copyrights 

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Vehicle Simulation with IPG Carmaker to know the Drawbacks of the Design, Improve it iteratively and  understand the Design