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Since these days there are many breakthrough technologies are coming that are simply taking up the industries that had been following conventional methods in manufacturing to and product design to a whole different level and one of such breakthrough technology is 3D printing.

3D printing at first was limited to producing only smaller components but as the days pass by technology started weaving its web towards many industries like health care, fashion, Construction, jewelry and even to some of the complicated industries like Auto industry.

3D printing tech in Auto industry:

Auto sector manufacturing has seen a tremendous amount of upgradation and has seen a new perspective in design and production with 3D printing. Since many years the parts which have to casted and have to undergo many processes in order to attain a fully furnished quality parts are now printed in just a couple of days with this technology.

Use of 3D printing in auto industry:

In early 2014, Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg announced the One:1, a supercar that utilizes many components that were 3D printed. And talking about today the Bugatti Divo car which through 3D printing technology has completely been optimized in terms of its design by which it has reduced some amount of total weight of the car in a way that has improved the performance of the car along with aerodynamics. For example, they printed fin rear lights, making them lighter than the previous model.

Bugatti Automobiles

And The here is another example called “Light Cocoon” one of the extremely light weight car printed car using 3d technology by German engineering design studio EDAG.

The team in this design studio has taken inspiration from nature in order to design a car such light weight and have named its light cocoon since it looks more similar to a cocoon.

Light cocoon car

In order to design and produce such a car they worked on topological optimization (a method of optimizing the geometry of an object or a part using mathematical method and also within given load and constraints) and the parts which were then covered with a stretchy fabric which were extremely light weight: only 19 grams per square meter.

The future of 3D printing in Auto industry:

Although auto industry is one of the complex industries in the world 3D printing is giving a whole new definition for design and manufacturing of automobiles. This technology is also being used in luxury car manufacturers sector as well.

If some parts of a car get broken, replacing them will be challenge especially if it’s an old one but thanks to this technology by combining 3D scanning and additive manufacturing, it’s possible to produce the rare parts of the car as well.

Looking all of this, there is no doubt that this technology will tremendously impact the auto industry and many other industries. Auto industry is seeing a whole new dimension in terms of design, manufacturing, production and quality management as well. There will be no surprise if we drive a car that is completely 3D printed in the near future.

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