Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Battery swapping is a technique that consists of swapping a discharged electric battery with one that is already charged. It is a method for Electric vehicle (EV) users to convert battery cost into operational cost and concurrently solve the problem of range anxiety. In this method the customer purchases EV without any battery and the charged battery is leased from the outlets of an Energy operator(OE), when the battery charge runs out, the customer goes to one of the outlets of an OE and swaps the discharged battery with a charged battery and pays a usage charge like LPG gas cylinder in India, battery not owned by customer, battery recognized as only container of electricity, it is electricity that is used ,not container, purchase of electricity as an energy is similar to purchasing petrol. Except the customer to pays charges for electric energy used plus a lease charge for the container. The EO is the one who purchases and own batteries and sets up charging stations and multiple swapping outlets and also usage from customer for charged battery during swapping. The government recently allowed purchase of EVs without batteries which made them significantly cheaper .this decision does not imply that vehicles will not require a battery, but is rather aimed at allowing the EV owners to avoid the compulsion of purchasing costly batteries .Vehicle owner one would be able to lease a battery from a battery swapping service provider and get an agreed number of swaps per month or even on a weekly or daily basis as per the terms of lease.

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