“Computer numerical control Draw bot”

The technology of Computer numerical control is widely used in Industrial Production, Unlike this was an attempt to create artwork by using CNC technology and rasterization of images to create digital artwork which worked out successfully and we were able to make it draw cartoons and Portraits.

By rasterising the images using open source Algorithms on Graphic Design Platforms, Image to be plotted by the Drawbot (XYplotter) was prepared, Then this would be fed in the form of G codes and M codes to the microcontroller which sends the step and direction signals to the Motor Driver of stepper motors, Then the pen would move in Z direction or get lifted in order to stop drawing when necessary and such that it can take the shortest distance without making a mark on paper to continue. This has created some wonderful artistic images on the paper, by using Rasterizing tools on computer we can now rasterize photos and verify it and draw them using the Drawbot.

As this did not felt accomplished, We are trying to make the Drawbot draw on its own by taking Key words as input and analysing the geometries relating to the key word on computers and making use of ML algorithms and Neural Networking technics so that it can get creative By handling more data and with time the creativity of plotter can be pushed forward, Organisations and people around the world are working on making Machines Intelligent, creative and sad to say “better than human”, But we have just started with this there is a long way to go.

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