Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Formula one is the pinnacle of automotive industry due to its competition on track and it technological developments in the factory. These race cars have only goal to go around these closed race tracks as fast as possible. Mercedes have been dominating the competition since the start of turbo hybrid era since 2014 with 6 driver`s and constructers title. Innovation is the key for dominance in formula one it may be in engine, aerodynamics or in the hybrid system. For 2020 Mercedes came one of the magical innovation in formula one know as DUAL AXIS STEERING SYSTEM [DAS].

This system is integrated with steering rack and arm of the car along with the front part of the chassis. This is one of the most complicated systems ever put on to a road or race car ever. DAS creates less air resistance and make the car very aerodynamic on the straights and corners of the race track. Toe, slipstream or drafting means that the car in front punches the air which creates less air resistance for the car behind. This effect makes the following car to use less power on the straights but the speed of the car will be more 20km/hr than the car in the front.DAS system can create self toe or self slip stream without any car in front.

DAS which is integrated to the steering rack in the front of the car. When the steering is pulled by the driver horizontally towards him the steering rack pulls on the steering arm inwards rather than the normal way. Thus the tires will toe in by only less than negative 4 or 6 degrees toward inside and also outside by only positive 3 or four degrees outwards as shown in fig.

By applying this system its gains 2 or 3 tenths of a second pace advantage per single lap on any race track. Optimum tire temperature can also be provided for front wheels using this system. Through fast corners it also reduces the effect or understeer and due to change in camber angle while using DAS, it also creates significant amount of lateral G-force more than any other race car in current formula one season around 5.6 to 6 G. Mercedes have still yet not released the full information on this system due to its current competition with other teams. The fig below shows the most complicated system which is nearly impossible for normal engineers to understand or analyze with naked eyes. Unfortunately this system is not introduced in road cars due to its complexity.

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